Safety is the cornerstone of any successful construction project. When it comes to secure scaffolding solutions in London and Surrey, Tigon Scaffolding stands out as your trusted partner. With a strong commitment to safety, reliability, and professionalism, we offer top-tier scaffolding hire services that not only meet but exceed industry standards. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the various facets of Tigon Scaffolding, showcasing our dedication to providing scaffolding solutions for both commercial and residential projects in the South East.

Scaffolding Hire for Commercial Projects

When contractors in London and Surrey seek scaffolding solutions, Tigon Scaffolding should be their first choice. Our unwavering dedication to providing secure scaffolding solutions ensures that your commercial project proceeds smoothly and safely. We understand the unique requirements of commercial construction and offer a range of services tailored to your needs:

Competitive Rates for Commercial Projects: At Tigon Scaffolding, we believe that securing your project should not break the bank. We offer competitive rates for scaffolding hire, allowing you to manage your project costs effectively. Our transparent pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

Quick Turnaround for Quotations and Tenders: In the fast-paced world of construction, time is of the essence. That’s why we provide a rapid turnaround for quotations and tenders, ensuring you receive timely and accurate pricing information. With Tigon Scaffolding, you can make informed decisions and keep your project on schedule.

24/7 Availability for Your Peace of Mind: Construction doesn’t always adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. Our dedicated team is available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to address your needs promptly. Whether you have an urgent request or simply want to discuss your project outside regular business hours, we’re here to assist you.

Safety and Compliance – Secure Scaffolding Solutions

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974: Our scaffolding practices align seamlessly with the fundamental principles of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. We recognise that safety is not just about meeting legal requirements but going above and beyond to ensure a safe working environment for all.

Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999: To further bolster our commitment to safety, we adhere to the Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999. These regulations guide our approach to safety management systems, ensuring they are robust and effective.

Work at Height Regulations 2005: With a focus on preventing falls from height, we rigorously comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Our scaffolding solutions are designed to prioritise the safety of workers at elevated positions.

Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to safety. The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 are integral to our operations, guaranteeing the welfare of all individuals on-site.

Residential Scaffolding Hire

Tigon Scaffolding’s commitment to safety extends beyond commercial projects; we also provide high-quality scaffolding hire services for residential properties in London and Surrey. We understand the unique challenges of residential construction and offer services designed to make your project a success:

Free Project Survey for Residential Projects: Our experienced and considerate scaffolders provide a free survey for your residential project. We understand the importance of careful planning in residential areas, and our surveys ensure that every aspect is taken into account.

Timely Execution for Your Peace of Mind: We understand that your residential project has a timeline, and we take pride in always ensuring that your scaffold is erected and removed on time, every time. Our commitment to timeliness helps you stay on schedule and within budget.

We Make Scaffolding Hire Easy

Our streamlined process ensures that scaffolding hire is hassle-free and transparent. Here’s how we make it easy:

Request a Quote: Contact us on 0800 035 5747 for a quote for your scaffolding hire. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

On-Site Measurement: You have the option to send us the measurements, or you can request a free on-site measurement. Our experts will visit your project location to ensure the scaffolding is tailored precisely to your needs. This service is completely free, providing you with peace of mind and accurate pricing.

Detailed Quote: Once we have all the necessary information, you will receive a detailed quote that includes a cost breakdown and start date. We believe in full transparency, so you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing and timelines.

Swift Execution: Once the quote is agreed upon, we swiftly begin the process of scaffolding erection. Our experienced team handles all the logistics to ensure a seamless experience for you.

Payment Structure: We understand the financial aspects of your project are essential. We ask for 70% of the cost upfront to get started, and the remaining 30% is due once the scaffold is dismantled, and you are satisfied with the work.

Reliable Scheduling: Erection and dismantle dates are scheduled in advance, and you can have confidence that we will stick to these dates. We understand that keeping to your project timeline is crucial, and we take that commitment seriously.

Providing Top-Quality Scaffolding Services

At Tigon Scaffolding, our commitment to delivering top-quality service is not just a promise; it’s a reputation we’ve earned through years of dedication to our craft. We believe that the best way to showcase our dedication is through the words of our satisfied customers. Here’s what one of our clients had to say about their experience:


“Had a big job done on my house, Matthew who oversees the work came round and was very polite. I had my whole house with scaffolding and a roof cover as I was doing a complete refurbishment including a new roof, tiles, joists, and so on. The equipment used was like new, no wonky work, planks; they even used netting around the house to stop debris from falling. I had the scaffolding up for around 4 months, and when I wanted some of it down, i.e., the roof cover, the guys at Tigon were able to action this within a couple of days. Matthew’s team are polite, professional, clean, and courteous.”

This testimonial from a satisfied client reflects the core values that drive Tigon Scaffolding. We take pride in our work, and it shows in every project we undertake. Here’s why our clients value our services:

1. Uncompromising Quality:

  • We understand the importance of providing top-quality equipment and services. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive scaffolding that is like new and free from any imperfections.

2. Attention to Detail:

  • No detail is too small when it comes to your safety and the success of your project. We use precision-placed planks and employ the latest safety measures, such as netting, to prevent debris from falling.

3. Flexibility and Responsiveness:

  • Your project timeline matters to us. Just as the client in the testimonial mentioned, we are quick to respond to your changing needs. Whether it’s the removal of specific scaffolding elements or adjustments to the setup, we are here to make it happen swiftly and efficiently.

4. Polite, Professional, and Courteous Team:

  • Our team, led by experts like Matthew, embodies the values of politeness, professionalism, cleanliness, and courtesy. We understand the importance of professionalism on the job site and in our interactions with clients.

We believe that our dedication to quality and service excellence sets us apart in the industry. It’s not just about providing scaffolding; it’s about ensuring that your project is carried out safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

Areas We Cover

Tigon Scaffolding Ltd operates from South West London and Surrey, offering a comprehensive range of scaffold services. Our commitment to safety, professionalism, and quality has made us a trusted partner for both national construction firms and local builders in London and the home counties. Our extensive coverage area ensures that your scaffolding needs are met wherever your project may be located in the South East:

In South West London, our coverage includes metropolitan areas like:

  • City of London: A bustling hub where we provide scaffolding services for various commercial projects. The demands of construction in the heart of the capital require precision and adherence to strict safety standards.
  • Wandsworth: This dynamic borough boasts a mix of residential and commercial developments. We support builders with secure scaffolding solutions that keep projects on track.

In Surrey, our reach extends to towns such as:

  • Guildford: Known for its rich history and ongoing development, Guildford relies on us to provide scaffolding that meets its diverse construction needs.
  • Croydon: As a major urban centre, Croydon depends on our expertise for a wide range of construction projects, from large commercial endeavours to residential developments.

These examples illustrate our commitment to serving the unique requirements of various locations within our coverage area. Whether it’s the historic charm of Guildford or the bustling energy of the City of London, we tailor our scaffolding solutions to ensure safety, professionalism, and quality are at the forefront of every project.


In the world of construction, safety and quality are non-negotiable. Tigon Scaffolding, your trusted partner in London and Surrey, embodies these values at every turn. Our unwavering commitment to secure scaffolding solutions and top-quality service is not just a promise; it’s a proven reality.

We understand that your project’s success hinges on safety, efficiency, and excellence. Whether it’s a commercial endeavour or a residential renovation, we are here to ensure your project is carried out to the highest standards. Our dedication to safety compliance, attention to detail, and responsiveness make us the go-to choice for scaffolding hire.

As you plan your next construction venture, remember that Tigon Scaffolding is more than just scaffolding; we’re your steadfast partner in building success. Contact us today to experience the Tigon Scaffolding difference firsthand. Your project’s safety, efficiency, and success are our top priorities, and we’re ready to elevate your construction endeavours to new heights.

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