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So, What Do Commercial Clients Need?

Do you need your domestic or commercial spaces to be kept free of debris and alternative access routes made available for workers to keep construction separate from general goings-on?

The team at Tigon Scaffolding can secure your perimeter to ensure nothing poses a risk to the public below as well as keep your workers secure. We can work around event timings and tricky deadlines – keeping the normal function of the buildings and properties running smoothly.

We know that your workers don’t only have to think about their own safety, but that of the people around them. This means colleagues, visitors and the general public. Searching for scaffolding hire companies near you is ideal for ensuring safety platforms and equipment can be set up quickly and efficiently.

We’re always on call and hiring local to you will keep communication streamlined and productive. Let’s build something beautiful together.

We have dealt with a lot of projects that rely on quick turnaround times. School holidays, stakeholder requests and busy public areas can be common factors for strict deadlines and ‘out of hours’ work. With a 24-hour call-out service, we’re ready whenever you are.

We understand fully the importance of sturdy platforms during any construction job. When you have multiple workers moving back and forth with tools and materials, you can rely on our professional services to supply heavy-duty commercial scaffolding in London & surrounding counties.

Also working on high rise buildings or in adverse weather conditions makes it even more crucial to rely on the safety equipment around you to provide a stable base for your workers.

Tigon Scaffolding offers some of the best rates for commercial scaffolding in London & Surrey. So, when searching ‘Scaffolding hire companies near me’, you need not look any further! We can provide you with a quick quote and be out to set up in no time at all.

We are on hand to help you get your project up and running and offer a quick, reliable, and cost-effective service every time. We manage each project from estimating stage right through to after-sales care. Use our estimate request form or book an on-site survey to get your job quoted in no time.

Available 24hours a Day

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Not only are we local, but we are CITB registered and work alongside national construction firms and local builders to supply good safe scaffold access solutions for residential and commercial construction projects in and around London and the South East.

We help contractors to offer reliable services in any sector. So if you’re looking for some local professionals with a proven track record of amazing service – our services are completely versatile, so get in touch to discuss today!

The safety of the people who use our scaffolds is a prime concern for Tigon Scaffolding. Regardless of their use, our scaffolds completely fulfil the relevant legal requirements as per existing UK legislation including:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999
  • Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996

Rest assured your local projects are in safe hands when you use Tigon Scaffolding.

Our goal is always to complete your project to a standard unmatched by others in the industry, using only the best and most qualified workers. Our commercial and domestic services also provide bespoke access solutions that ensure our staff, your employees and the general public benefit from maximum protection across every project.


Domestic Or Commercial

Scaffolding companies near me – you could be looking for anything!

Our experienced scaffolders provide structures for everything from home DIY projects to long term commercial building work. We tailor every part of your journey with us to suit your needs and ensure you have the most suitable and safe solutions.

Keeping your contacts close to home will also benefit logistics and communication. You can reach us at any point in the day all the way through your project. With us being so flexible and based in London & the South East – we’ll have experienced technicians with you before you know it.

We’ve seen plenty of large commercial jobs require multiple storeys of construction. Building at a height without the proper support and equipment is not only risky for health and safety but the quality of the work.

Having ample support and access to varying levels will ensure the project can be completed quickly and to the best standard.

Planning and logistics are key with any project like this. Unless you have the right professionals for the job that are easy to get hold of and work with a hands-on approach, you’re likely to struggle to meet deadlines.

Scaffolding hire companies near me can cater to your every need, erecting and dismantling the builds whenever you need. With people waiting to move in and show homes needing to be completed quickly – we’ll ensure everything is possible and organised!

Any job is likely to include or need upgrades and the occasional repair job down the line. Even smaller touch-ups or returning to a previous project will benefit from sturdy scaffolds to help the work along. You’ll be able to reach the tricky areas and get in and out with materials much more simply.

Have you ever thought about the effort that goes into erecting billboards and large posters in our towns and cities? They’re not easy things to work with but setting them up correctly and straight is essential for the brands they’re advertising.

Working with such large materials and at such a height requires some support from sturdy platforms in order to access these areas.

Having a stable platform to work from when doing domestic maintenance tasks means you don’t need to mess around and waste time climbing down the ladder, moving it a few inches and then climbing back up…

It’s the little things like this that can really improve the quality of work as well as your company’s reputation. Getting the job done quickly and efficiently without much interference always looks great for clients.

Loads of entertainment venues utilise scaffolding to set up staging, lights, pyrotechnics and all the other fun elements of a show! A lot of work goes into making sure the production is top quality and safe for all the attendees and acts.

To ensure the best experience for everyone involved, a number of professional teams including commercial scaffolders work day and night to set everything up efficiently. With our flexibility – we can adjust and tailor the construction to suit changing needs of any event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Build The Scaffolding myself?

Where health, safety and quality are involved, a professional installation and dismantling is highly encouraged. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians that are certified and trained to do exactly that.

Your safety is at the heart of everything we do, so let us work together and build something beautiful.

How Much Will Commercial Scaffolding London Cost?

We offer services for a range of commercial construction and domestic projects. To figure out exactly what you need and settle on a quote, you can fill in our online form or contact us for more information.

We offer highly competitive rates and pride ourselves on being some of the most cost-efficient in the business. We’ll tailor everything from price to scale to suit you!

How Quickly Can You Help Us?

We are on hand to help you get your project up and running and offer a quick, reliable, and cost-effective service every time. We manage each project from the estimating stage right through to after-sales care.

Our 24-hour manned contact system means you can ring up any hour of the day to ensure we respond in a timely manner and allow you to crack on!

Available 24hours a Day

All Work Guaranteed

Highly Recommended

Fully Insured

Tigon Scaffolding

We want to help you through every project and give you a safe and sturdy platform to work with. Only then will you be able to protect employees, workers and the public whilst ensuring the highest standards every time.

Get in touch today to sort out a quote or ask any questions you may have. We’re happy to help.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

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